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About Us
The Party Place
C. K. Ranch Projects

 Services and Pricing 

We Do:

  • Birthday Parties
  • Business Openings/Promotions
  • Corporate Parties
  • Church Events
  • School Events/Field Trips
  • Community Events
  • Family Reunions

We offer:

  • Pony Rides
  • Miniature Horses pony rides
  • Family Petting Pin
  • Miniature Goats
  • Bunnies
  • Face Painting
  • Lucy the Blue and Gold Macaw
  • Tolly Rides
  • Inflatables

Our Setup:
We accomodate parties and events of all sizes. No matter how large or small your space is, we can adjust to it. We are very flexible and skilled at tailoring our setup to meet your needs. We only require access to an electrical outlet and a water source of some kind. After your party, we will leave your event space just as clean as we found it, minus a little grass. 

Pony Rides!Train Rides!Petting Area!

Typically, when C.K. Ranch is invited to participate in community events, we bring: At least 2 Inflatables, a Bunny Round, Pony Rides (with four Class B Miniature Horses), a Miniature Horse Petting Area, Lucy the Blue and Gold Macaw, Trolley Rides, and Face Painting. To save time, money and stress, all of our attractions are managed throughout the duration of the event by our trained C.K. Ranch employees.

This set up will compare to a small fair and take three trucks and trailers to get it to any location and eight to ten employees to work it. Every member of our group has worked at my daycare and has vast experience in working with children to make an event like this successful.



In Comparing Prices:




You will need to know the difference between

other businesses and ours.


We want to share information with you about our services.


In other words, we want you to know what we are famous for.




Our professional reputation comes from

offering a complete service.


*      Our inflatables weigh up to 500 pounds.


*      Our ponies are in a portable pin.


*      We set them up and stay with them throughout your event.


*      We work with the children to prevent any accidents or injuries.


*      We are also known for having a great relationship with the community and being very easy and enjoyable to work with.


*      Our Miniature Horses are very well taken care of and live on one hundred beautiful acres where they run freely.


*      The miniature horse was bred down to work in the mines, years and years ago. This work was hard but they are strong little horses. We have set a weight limit (limit 60 pounds) with our horses because we have fallen in love with each and every one of them. We consider them part of our family. The only time they work is for the enjoyment and pleasure of children and families. I feel this is an enjoyment for God to watch and us to give.




Caution about Inflatables: You may have heard about children being injured on inflatables, but wondered how a child could get hurt in a big, air-filled object. Therefore, we have come to some conclusions as to why we have not had any problems with the safety of children on our equipment. We are not a drop off and pick up company.  C. K. Ranch has a staff member manning every inflatable we use. You want your event to be SAFE and ACCIDENT FREE, just like our reputation!


Last, but not least, a  non refundable deposit is required.

C.K. Ranch Pony Parties

 Texarkana, AR. & Texarkana, TX.
also surrounding areas
Phone: 903-824-5683


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