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 Frequently Asked Questions 
  • "What are your Parties like?"
    Our parties are like a small fair. We bring everything to your house, event, church, or business and set it up. You provide the refreshments and we provide the entertainment. After we are set up at your location and ready for the party, your guests are welcome to do whatever they wish.

  • What do you need from us?
    We need only a electrical outlet and access to a water outlet. Thank you for your help!

  • "What Events does C.K. Ranch participate in each year?"
    Throughout the year, you can join us for a great time at "Sparks in the Park," the Wild About Wellness "Health Fair," the Red River Federal Credit Union "Homer Day," or various other events. Notice our "EVENTS" page link in the upper-left-hand corner of any page.

  • "Are there any rules you have that we should observe?"
    Yes, there are, and thank you for asking. WE REQUEST THAT YOU ALLOW US TO FULLY SET UP FOR YOUR EVENT BEFORE YOU ALLOW GUESTS TO JOIN US. Please participate AT YOUR OWN RISK. Although we have never had an accident, they are always possible. Please do not attempt to ride the horses in the petting area. Please do not drop the bunnies.

  • How do I book an event?
    To book your party or event, contact Debra at 903-824-5683. Your event date will be confirmed and reserved when you make a 50% deposit. Deposits are non-refundable, but your event will not be double-booked. Even if we must change the date for you, we will still have your party.

  • Do I have to take off my shoes to get in the bouncer?
    Yes. Our staff can assist your child in this process. We observe the manufacturer's warnings for our equipment. We can not allow more than four children in at a time nor can we exceed the maximum weight limit.

  • Is my child too big to ride the miniature horses?
    We want every child to have a fun experience with us. However, for the safety of our animals we can only allow small children to ride. Children under six years old or 60 pounds are okay. If you are unsure, feel free to ask our staff.

  • Lucy the Macaw is very pretty. Does she bite?
    It is impossible for us to predict the actions of our animals. Our most important rule is: DO NOT attempt to pet Lucy without the assistance of DEBRA NEWBERG. Lucy is four years old. This is very young because of her 95 year life span. She is still learning, but it is in her nature to defend herself if she feels threatened or scared. She has never hurt any children and we hope that she never will. Safety is our goal.

  • What if our party is rained out?
    No problem, we will set another date. We do not give refunds. We have a full service, we would never let you or your child down on their big day.

  • Is C.K. Ranch available to the children at Country Kid's Daycare?
    Yes, the children at Country Kid's Day Care have all the enjoyment that C.K.Ranch has to offer. All our new baby animals are played with by our day care children first.

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